Highway Flyover Viaduc de Huccorgne
March 2022

Sarens recently removed 36 old concrete bridge girders and installed 36 new ones at the Viaduc de Huccorgne. 

The Viaduc de Huccorgne, 547m long, 60m high and 34m wide was build between 1968 and 1971 and is still in good condition, however some renovation work was necessary. 

Sarens replaced 12 bridge girders with the AC700 and 24 pieces with the CC3800, girders of approximately 2m heigh, 30m length and max. 70T weight. The girders were lifted only a few meters away from the active highway traffic. The long beams needed to be kept under control with long ropes and multiple people, to avoid spinning out of control and onto the active highway or the crane’s boom. 

A steep cliff next to and a significant slope on the job, forced the client to perform extensive ground works on the locations of the CC3800 and AC700, including complete removal of road over a 100m section. 

Communication with the client on the support pillars and a demolition crew on the ground was key to have all simultaneous operations take place in a safe and organized manner. 

During the project also the wind was a challenge. Time was lost due to storm weather which had to be cached up by lifting up to 8 beams per day. The original time schedule foresaw only 4 beams per day. 

Sarens congratulates the crew and engineers with the successful execution of this project!