Sarens Works On The Transport Of The New Tanks For The Citrosuco Plant In Ghent
Sarens loads tanks for Citrosuco plant onto a cargo ship using AC500 and LTM1500
October 2023

Sarens, world leader and reference in heavy lifting, engineered transport and crane rental services, carried out the lifting and loading of tanks weighing between 95 and 108T onto a seagoing vessel in the port of Ghent for Citrosuco's factory in Belgium.

For this job, the Sarens engineering team deployed different crane and transport units to carry out the different phases of the operation quickly and efficiently. The first task consisted of transporting the 13 tanks. An AC700 unit, with a load capacity of up to 700T, was used to load them on two six-axle SPMTs.  

The cranes were placed using mats made of azobé wood, an extremely strong and hard wood from tropical Africa. The mats are solid and resistant surfaces that allow the construction of strong, stable, and durable crane runways, walkways, or working platforms. 

To ensure the correct attachment of all the elements, a considerable number of elephant feet, lashing points for securing trucks, cars, container chassis and other vehicles on ships and barges in the shipbuilding industry, were used. For loading both the mats and the anchors, Sarens employed an LTM1070 auxiliary crane.

Once the tanks were placed in an optimal position for loading onto the ship, they were lifted onto the vessel by a double lifting system with an AC500 unit and an LTM1500, using a loading beam. With this methodology, eight of the tanks were introduced. The process took a total of six days, including machinery assembly tasks. The biggest logistical challenge was the need to remove the two cranes from the quay at night to allow train traffic. 

"Despite unforeseen weather conditions, which forced a one-day shutdown to ensure the safety of operators and equipment, the job was completed to the customer's satisfaction within the predetermined timeframe. We are delighted to have helped deliver delicious juice throughout Europe," explained Mathias Den Hondt, Sarens Project Manager.

The task was assigned by Trilobes, customer of Sarens in the Netherlands, a company specializing in the construction of tanks, terminals and ship loading systems for liquids on behalf of Citrosuco. This company produces, transports with its own vessels, and delivers pure orange juice from Brazil all over the world, with Ghent being the hub for Europe.

Sarens has extensive international experience in lifting and transporting heavy tanks. In January, their engineering team participated in the moving of 12 units of 230T carbon dioxide tanks for the Northern Light Project in Norway. Sarens has also taken part, among other projects, in the expansion plan of the Evonik plant in Antwerp, lifting and installing the new two 175T storage tanks.