Empowering Belgium: Sarens & Partner Amadys Powered By Netceed Paves The Way For Fiberklaar’s Fiberglass Expansion
In a rental project, Sarens transports and installs Points-of-Presence (POPs) for Proximus' new fiberglass infrastructure across Belgium.
January 2024

To enhance internet connectivity across Belgium, Sarens played a pivotal role in the installation of Points-of-Presence (POPs) for Proximus' new fiberglass infrastructure. These POP units, strategically placed throughout Flanders and Wallonia, are a critical component of Proximus' mission to deliver faster and more reliable internet services.

Before each POP unit placement, meticulous site surveys were conducted by Sarens to assess the specific site requirements. Factors such as crane selection, the need for parking bans, and the installation of driving plates were carefully considered. This pre-planning ensured a streamlined and efficient execution, minimising disruptions, and optimising safety.

Recognising the unique challenges posed by transporting and lifting the POP units, Sarens deployed its flatbed trailer and cranes ranging from 100T-500T. The diverse landscape of Flanders and Wallonia necessitated the use of these diverse range of cranes. The selection of the crane was tailored to the specific location and requirements of each POP installation. This versatile approach allowed Sarens to navigate different terrains and overcome logistical challenges seamlessly.

Transporting POPs weighing between 25-28T presented challenges, especially when navigating through congested roads and installing units in confined spaces. Sarens met these challenges by selecting cranes and transportation methods with precision, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of each POP unit.

The POPs were transported on flatbed trailers to the installation site, where cranes carefully lifted and precisely positioned them. Sarens crew safely completed the operation in the dedicated timeframe.