Lifting of 6 bridge sections for cyclist bridge in Zaventem
March 2022

At the beginning of this year, Sarens was responsible for the lifting of 6 bridge sections of the 175m long cyclist bridge at Zaventem. This bridge is the missing link of the bicycle highway between Brussels and Louvain. 

The work was carried out in 3 phases. During each phase,  a different part of the Brussels ring road was closed at night. A good preparation, engineering and meticulous planning were of crucial importance to successfully complete the work within the limited timeframe. 

The execution of phase 1 took place in January with the AC700. In this phase, a bridge deck of 50T and one of 70T was lifted. To execute this job, the crane was positioned at the R22 inner ring. 

During the second phase, the R0 inner and outer ring had to be completely closed so that we were able to mobilize our LTM1250 and LTM1400. Both cranes lifted the bridge decks together. The heaviest deck weighed 70T and was 30m long. 

During the third and last phase, our LTM1400 was positioned at the R22 outer ring to lift the heaviest deck of 80T with a length of 35m. 

This project has been executed with the necessary precision and within the predetermined time frame, with thanks to alle the parties involved. Another successful execution thanks to a great team!