Sarens Installs The New Bridge Over The E40 Highway Ahead Of Schedule
Sarens installed the new bridge over the E40 highway at Erpe-Mere three-hours ahead of schedule
February 2024

In a display of expertise and precision, Sarens played a pivotal role in the construction of a new bridge over the E40 highway at Erpe-Mere.

As part of the Agentschap voor Wegen en Verkeer initiative, the construction of the new bridge in Erpe-Mere promises significant traffic relief for the region, enhancing the flow of vehicles and bolstering connectivity. By increasing the bridge's capacity, Sarens contributes to improving traffic conditions and fostering socio-economic development in the area.

Sarens spearheaded the lifting of concrete beams, each stretching 44 meters in length and weighing approximately 110 tonnes, requiring a meticulous shutdown of road traffic for approximately 12 hours. But through our unwavering commitment to executing complex lifting operations with unrivaled precision and efficiency, Sarens crew was able to complete the installation in 9 hours.

Working for Jan de Nul, Sarens was responsible for lifting and placement of six concrete beams of the bridge essential for its structural integrity.

Our crew decided to deploy AC700-HA and the LTM1450-8.1. To lift the six concrete beams, Sarens used an AC700-HA crane unit with a boom length of 35.5 metres and a counterweight of 140 tonnes, as well as an LTM1450-8.1 with a boom length of 26.6 metres and a counterweight of 134 tonnes. The AC700 was transported from our depot in Brussels and the LTM1450 from Dordrecht in The Netherlands.

Through meticulous planning and strategic equipment selection, Sarens minimised disruptions to road traffic, showcasing its commitment to optimizing project timelines and mitigating inconvenience for local commuters. Kristof Nachtergaele, representative from the client remarked, “It was successfully placed – thank you for the smooth handling!”